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Garbhasanskar and Obstetric Care


Garbhasanskar and Obstetric Care

What is Garbhasanskar?

Garbha is unborn child and Sanskar is to impart good qualities. Garbhasanskar is all round (physical, mental, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual etc.) development of unborn child.

What are Garbhasanskar activities?

Garbhasanskar activities can be divided in three parts

1. Preconception – It includes preconception detoxification, preconception yoga & pranayama, diet & counseling.

2. Antenatal – It includes antenatal health checkup & Ayurvedic medication, Ayurvedic & Yogic lessons on diet, daily regime & does and don’ts of pregnancy, lessons about natural birth and practices useful for natural birth, last week Anuvasan Basti, trimester wise antenatal Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation sessions, Music Therapy, Garbhasamvad (talking with unborn), Mantra chanting etc.

3. Postnatal – It includes Sutika Paricharya (post-delivery Ayurvedic care),Shishu Paricharya (Ayurvedic care of new born), Postnatal yoga,pranayama & meditation sessions, Post-delivery Ayuevedic medicines, lessons about breastfeeding, Annaprashan (diet of new born).

What are the benefits of Garbhasanskar?

It is proved that a child’s physical ,mental development starts as soon as child is conceived, Childs personality begins to take shape in the womb itself and this can be influenced by mothers state of mind, her activities throughout pregnancy.

  • Helps mother and unborn to be physically and mentally fit throughout pregnancy and after delivery.
  • Strengthens mother and child bond.
  • Prepares mother for child birth.
  • Improves brain development of unborn.
  • Improves I.Q and E.Q of unborn.
  • Prevents post-delivery weight gain of mother.
  • Maintains hormonal balance throughout pregnancy and after child birth.

What is the correct time to start Garbhasanskar?

Garbhasanskar is very much helpful in imparting good physical, mental, emotional, spiritual characters in unborn. Garbhasanskar is the only way for Suprajajanan or to design a desired baby. Physically and mentally healthy children are future of better nation. In Ayurveda and ancient scriptures they have explained that child’s physical & mental development starts soon after conception so it is better to start Garbhasanskar immediately after conception.

What is unique at Tapasya?

  • All the programs at Tapasya start with detailed consultation with our doctor, who evaluates your body constitution on the basis of eating habits, hunger, sleep, natural urges, mental health, emotional health & your past health etc.
  • After consultation doctor prepares unique treatment plan for each person.
  • At Tapasya you can enjoy Ayurvedic, Naturopathy and Yogic therapies under one roof.
  • All the therapies performed at Tapasya are authentic and classical without any adultration.
  • All the therapies at Tapasya enhance your energy, vitality & health.
  • Relax & rejuvenate in the serene atmosphere of Tapasya.
  • Ideal family health Holiday
  • Work from Tapasya while undergoing long detoxification treatments.