Holistic Residential Services available during your rejuvenating stay with us.

Your stay at Tapasya is a holistic experience, from cottages to activities. Healing begins with open, lush green spaces that bring you back to the elements, further echoed by earthy architecture. Savour delicious vegetarian food made of homegrown ingredients. Along with your treatment and therapies, also learn about and gain a deeper understanding of healthcare. The culture of the place is infused with traditional values, which is reflected in the activities and events regularly conducted here. You cannot help but feel good when treatment is complemented by the resort stay.

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Select your resort experience with us.

Customized Package

Customized Treatment
Cost / Per DayCost / Per Day
Stay TypeDeluxe Rooms (Twin Sharing) Super Deluxe Rooms
Total Amount per dayBOOK NOWBOOK NOW
AccommodationMorning Drink like – Herbal tea /
Detox drink – Room Service.
Doctors’ ConsultationJuice.
NursingBreakfast – in dining
Yoga Session Lunch – in dining
Fusion therapy of
Panchakarma therapy, Yoga
Therapy, Accupressure /
Evening Snacks / drink –
in dining.
Relaxing Yoga session /
Medical yoga
Dinner – in dining
Shirodhara / minor
therapy / accupressure /
physiotherapy etc
Health talk / group game /
group discussion/ cultural
Meditation / PranayamCampfire

Note: The itinerary varies person to person as per the therapy / disease / prakriti, and will be decided by treating our doctors.

Subscription and Resort FAQs

Q: Once the resort is open, how can I book?
A: Booking can be done by taking prior appointment from our reception over phone or from our website by online booking, your primary health screening will be conducted over online consultation or at our satellite clinic nearby you.

Q: Can subscriptions be cancelled once bought?
A: No. However, the said subscription can be passed to registered family member in case of circumstances like death or permanent disability of the primary account holder.

Q: Is pick-up and drop facility available at the resort?
A: Pick-up and drop from nearest airport and railway station (within 50 Km radius of the resort) can be arranged.

Q: Is parking facility available?
A: Yes, parking with security is available.

Q: Does the resort provide laundry service?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there any playing area for children?
A: Yes, this is available.

Q: Are there any sight-seeing destinations nearby?
A: Yes – Rural agriculture, Kolhapur, Panhala, Amba jungle, Jyotiba, Khidrapur, Narsimha Wadi, Audumbar, Chandoli Forest Reservoir.

Q: Is free Wi-Fi available?
A: Yes, Wi-Fi will be provided for subscribers to have the comfort of working from the resort.

Q: If I don’t have to undergo any medical issue related treatment, can I avail massage every day during my stay in resort under given subscription amount?
A: This comes under wellness, so massage can be done if subscriber is suitable for the same, as decided by the consulting doctor.

Q: What is included in the Health Check-up?
A: Health check-up includes:
– General examination
– Detailed medical history
– Clinical check-up like – nadi pariksha, blood pressure, other complaints.
– Prakruti analysis.
Pathological investigations like blood test, urine test, X-ray, MRI, CT scan, etc. if advised, are charged at extra.

Q: Can I bring my child/children along?
A: Only one child below 15 years of age can accompany you. A separate mattress will be provided. Child cannot avail of amenities except playing area. Food charges of the child will have to be paid separately at actual price of that time. If child also avails of therapies, the days of the subscription will be deducted accordingly.

Q: Can the subscriber extend stay beyond the subscription?
A: The subscriber needs to inform it at the time of admission itself and get confirmation about the same from the resort depending on the availability of occupancy. Extended Days apart from subscription will be charged extra as per the charges then.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of days that I can get admitted?
A: For wellness, clients can avail of minimum 1 day and maximum 28 days therapies as per their convenience. For illness, our doctors decide the number of days required for stay and therapies.

Q: What is my booking window for illness/wellness bookings for stay?
A: Minimum 1 month prior to when the subscriber wants to get admitted.

Q: What is the general routine at the resort?
A: A day schedule will be –
– Morning health drink
– Yoga session
– Juice
– Panchakarma
– Naturopathy or Yoga major therapy
– Breakfast
– Yoga therapy if necessary
– Rest
– Lunch
– Rest
– Minor therapy
– Panchakarma /Naturopathy /Acupressure/ Acupuncture/ Physiotherapy
– Evening snacks/drink
– Yoga with meditation
– Cultural program/health talk
– Dinner
Therapy to be given will be decided by doctors.
Corporate subscribers who will be working from resort can skip a few of therapies or be scheduled separately.

Q: Can I pay in installments?
A: No, part payment is not accepted. Client has to pay the entire amount for admission.

Q: Are there any renewal charges?
A: No renewal charges in pre-launch promotional offer.

Q: Is the subscription amount inclusive of all taxes?
A: Yes, for pre-launch promotional offer, taxes are included.

Q: In whose name I have to make payment? What are payment modes?
A: Payments has to be made in favour of ‘Chittashakti Healthcare LLP’
Mode of Payments – Cheque in favour of ‘Chittashakti Healthcare LLP’
Online transfer to Bank account of ‘Chittashakti healthcare LLP’
Cash – Only at the registered office of Tapasya Health Resort in the presence of one of the directors of the company.

Q: Is the company registered with the government? What is its Reg. No.?
A: Yes, Chittashakti Healthcare is registered to Govt of India under LLP act.
Reg. No. is AAN3077.